College Bound Tracy USD

9th-12th grade scholars and their parents/families may register by clicking on the following link. Parents, guardians and/or responsible adults must accompany their scholars to the CBTUSD meetings.  

Each school site only has 35 slots so register your scholar today for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Every 2nd Saturday of the month from 9:00am - 12 Noon unless noted differently below.  

  • September 8th

  • October 13th

  • November 10th

  • December 8th

  • January 12th

  • February 9th

  • March 9th

  • April 13th

  • Monday, May 6th or Saturday, May 11th - Finale (Please keep both dates available and we will confirm during the academic year)

*Must be a student ENROLLED in Tracy Unified School District*

College Bound Solomon Temple.

College Bound Curriculum 

Dr. Willis is proud to announce the licensing of the 2017-2018 College Bound Curriculum/Model that focuses on empowering students daily regarding six pathways and the importance of including their parents and families as part of the educational journey. 

All of the EP&F programs and services include a comprehensive marketing plan with the goal of not “adding more to the school staff’s plate.”  Every program is different and contains customized services to meet the needs of each customer.

The EP&F programs work well at the elementary, middle and/or high school level.  They are specifically designed to empower students AND their parents along with educators who want their students to be promoted from elementary and middle school as well as graduate from high school and college.

College Readiness Family Series℠ 

EP&F believes that it’s never too early to begin empowering families as to how they can ensure their child has the choice of attending college. This customized program works with parents, guardians and/or responsible adults helping them successfully navigate the educational system while being proactive.  Music, poetry, “reality statistics” and real life solutions are utilized in order to empower the families while students are assigned a Case Manager to monitor grades, behavior, attendance, fulfillment or understanding of A-G, college requirements, study habits, tutorial referrals, build self esteem, etc.  Parents, guardians or responsible adults of the selected students must attend a monthly parent meeting that empowers the families through its parenopoly℠ series.

Concerned Parents Alliance/College Bound Programs

Dr. Darlene V. Willis is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Concerned Parents Alliance and the 7 college bound programs located in Hayward, Oakland, Oceanside. Poway, Tracy and San Diego, CA.  This grass root, parent centered program started in the Willis’ living room and has existed for the past 15 years. Due to its success of having 100% of the students graduate from high school and having the choice of attending college, school districts across the nation inquire on a consistent basis as to how they can duplicate the program. Dr. Willis travels around the country consulting with organizations and districts helping them duplicate this successful college bound model.  The CB programs include a comprehensive marketing plan.

Empowering Educators

Speaking candidly with Educators regarding closing the educational achievement gap, creating a college going classroom and bridging the parent/school divide from a parent’s perspective. 

Empowering Parents and Families in the Churches℠ 

Dr. Willis partners with churches to empower the parents and families within their congregations.  She uses music, poetry, scripture, “reality statistics” and real life solutions to help parents ensure educational success for themselves and their children.

Empowering Parents in the Workplace℠ 

Corporations often provide “learn and serve” or “brown bag lunches” focusing on “losing weight and/or how to buy your first home.”  With our country being in an educational crisis, EP&F believes we must take immediate action in meeting parents where they are in their “home away from home,” the workplace.  EP&F is “thinking outside of the box” and strategically partnering with corporations that recognize the correlation between the profit line and the individual empowerment of their employees.  The goal is to integrate educational information into the workforce so parents can become more empowered to help their children and themselves.  The employer benefits because it becomes a “one stop shop” where employees can come to work and get some of their personal challenges addressed and resolved while being productive on the job resulting in an increase of loyalty by decreasing potential workers compensation claims and/or absenteeism.

Parent Express Educational Empowerment Programs (PEEEP)℠

The PEEEP ℠ program was designed to empower parents whose schedules prevent them from joining a college bound program or attending school meetings on a consistent basis.  It allows parents to schedule PEEEP℠ parties in the privacy of their homes with a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 of their closest friends and/or family members.  It is specifically designed to be interactive, candid and personal while providing deep diving information to assist families navigate and conquer the educational system!  Organizations can also use the PEEEP℠ parties as a fundraiser to provide scholarship dollars for their youth.

Student Academic Rallies

Dr. Willis provides customized student assemblies encouraging students to make academics a priority while introducing them to self-affirmation pledges and the opportunity to explore college related topics.

The Million Parent WAKE-UP Challenge!℠ 

Dr. Willis has launched a national family campaign empowering parents around the country to WAKE-UP, partner with schools and ensure educational success for their children. 

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Willis has an extraordinary style and a “down to earth” approach.  This woman of faith influences her audiences, large and small, capitalizing on “her personal and professional experience,” using research, music, poetry and interactive participation to spread the message that we’re in a national educational crisis yet parents have the power to change these results immediately in their households.